100 Nations Have Banned Cluster Bombs. So Why Won't The US?

Watch VideoCluster bombs are widely condemned because they're indiscriminate weapons and not meant to be precise. More than 100 nations ban the bombs. Although the U.S. isn't one of them, it did commit to phasing out unreliable cluster bombs by 2018. But now, even that phase out is being delayed. So why is the U.S. still clinging to cluster bombs?Mark Hiznay, a senior arms researcher and the associate director of the arms division at Human Rights Watch, said, "What in effect has happened is the U.S. failed to design a safer cluster munition and is now going back to using the unsafe cluster munitions."People should care that the laws of war are not being evenly applied by states and the United States is now among the groups that use this weapon, which has a nasty and well-deserved reputation for being indiscriminate, both at the time of the attack and after the attack."The U.S. military defines a cluster bomb as "munitions composed of a non-reusable canister or delivery body containing multiple, conventional explosive submunitions." These conventional explosive submunitions pose the biggest threat to civilians. That's because not all of them explode.The ones that don't go off pose a huge threat to civilians...

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