A startup is printing giant photos of Earth from space, and they're gorgeous

Our view from the ground is a myopically thin slice of reality. 

Satellites in space, however, can record unparalleled views of Earth — from its beautiful natural landscapes to expanding human cities — in stunning detail.

To bring those views closer to home, a group of architects, urban planners, mapmakers, and scientists formed My Orbiter.

The company curates, prints, and sells more than 100 of the best satellite images available as huge, ultra-high-resolution photo prints. 

"We believe that education and science can make our planet a better place and that by giving people a way to bring this new perspective into their homes, we empower and remind people of who we are and the impact we have on our world," Owen de Lancie, one of the company's founders, told Business Insider in an email.

Here are a few of My Orbiter's favorite images, all of which were taken by DigitalGlobe — a company that operates multiple Earth-observing space satellites — and Landsat-8, a spacecraft run by NASA and the USGS.SEE ALSO: 25 photos that prove we're all stowaways on a tiny, fragile spaceship

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Grand Canal — Venice, Italy

More than 170 buildings line the...

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