Former FBI agent: Fox News' attacks on the FBI are "not only offensive but dangerous"

MIKE ROGERS: I can't tell you how dangerous this is. The FBI is a very -- excuse me, important institution across this country. And everyday members of the FBI, men and women, are engaging investigations to keep America safe from child pornographers, from terrorists, from folks who are spies and trying to commit espionage against the country, organized crime, criminals, violent crime, all of it.

And if you have a difference of opinion on a special investigation, then maybe you should express that. But to condemn the FBI undermines an institution that plays a very important role in the United States of America. 

And by the way, it is the shiny city on the hill to every other law enforcement agency in the world. They want to be like the FBI. They want to be able to tackle corruption in their own government in a way that allows them to complete their investigation. 

Most countries don't have anything close to that. So, when you get into this pattern of, I agree with the FBI, they're great, oh my gosh, they're investigating someone I like, they're bad. And then take it and ramp it up and compare them to the KGB or the Stasi is absolutely offensive. 

And every agent in the FBI, thank God, they'll get a little miffed, they'll get another cup of coffee and then they’re going to go back to work. That's what makes them the FBI. I tell you though, we need to stop this now. Republicans, Democrats, everybody. Stop dragging...

29 Published By - Media Matters for America - 2017.12.08. 00:21
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