Grading the college football coaching hires so far

Every school celebrates a new coaching hire, but some deserve more kudos than others. It's time to pass out grades for the coaching carousel so far, as a handful of Power 5 and Group of 5 jobs remain unfilled (we'll get to those later). Not every job or search is the same, so these grades are based on the type of coach certain schools can realistically attract, how well the coach fits the school and how quickly the coach can generate success. It's coaching report card time, so take a look or shield your eyes, depending on where your allegiance lies. U CLA Out: Jim Mora In: Chip Kelly Grade: A An underachieving, underfunded program upped its game in a big way, first by paying Mora a lot of money to go away, then by landing Kelly, the most coveted free agent of the cycle. Kelly brings a 46-7 record with three Pac-12 titles to a UCLA program......

71 Published By - ABC News: Sports - 2017.12.07. 18:39
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