MSNBC panel calls out Sean Hannity's "dangerous" "dishonest smear" of law enforcement agents investigating Trump

STEVE SCHMIDT: Prosecutors in this country have tremendous power. And they should not be beyond criticism. But this isn't criticism. This is a premeditated, deliberate, dishonest smear of Robert Mueller, a man who has spent his entire life in public service, who is known, if for nothing else, his probity and his rectitude. And we should talk about his war record because he's put his life on the line for this country and he's conducted himself at all times as an honorable servant of the American people. He's a recipient of the Bronze Star with valor device. He’s a recipient of the Purple Heart. He was wounded in combat for the United States.

What you're seeing on Fox News is indistinct from the type of propaganda that you would be subjected to if you lived in Belarus or if you lived in Russia. It is dishonest. It is purposeful. It is misleading. And to see Republicans tie themselves to the mast on this to bring such disrepute to the conservative movement, to the Republican party, the assault on the rule of law on our institutions. This will get worse before it gets better and there's a moment coming where these important institutions and who we are, what we stand for, what we believe in, the defense of the inheritance that was given to us by generations who have sacrificed so much is coming to the line. And what you saw Sean Hannity doing,...

55 Published By - Media Matters for America - 2017.12.07. 23:33
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