'Riverdale' just aired its wildest episode of the entire series — here's the 7 things that have fans reeling

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode eight of "Riverdale," titled "House of the Devil."

"Riverdale" is only getting more bizarre.

Wednesday's episode of the hit CW show featured some of the most wild moments ever shown on the teen drama, bt we still don't know who the Black Hood is. With only one episode left until the show takes its mid-season break, the drama is sure to intensify. 

From the secret history of the custodian revealed to Betty's dance on stage, here are the seven moments that made our jaws drop Wednesday night. After Cheryl's creepy behavior last episode, her intentions are still unclear after a locker room interaction with Josie.

When in the locker room wrapped in their towels, Cheryl makes a comment about how Josie's back looks like a "sailor's rope" because of the "tension knots." Then without asking, she sprays some essential lavender oil on her hands and goes to massage her shoulders. 

After Cheryl was seen drawing pictures of her and Josie last week, some fans thought Cheryl might be interested in Josie, but this interaction still left fans confused. 

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