Sadiq Khan Sets Reporter Straight After Awkward Pakistan Question

Blinder from @SadiqKhan on BBC news just now.— plain old DJ Artwork (@artworkmagnetic) December 6, 2017Sadiq Khan has issued a swift riposte to a journalist who mistakenly believed the Labour politician was born in Pakistan.The Muslim Mayor of London was asked “what does it feel like coming home?” as he met local dignitaries in Wagah, on the Indian-Pakistan border. The question was posed on Wednesday as Khan stepped into Pakistan from India.Watch the clip, which was broadcast by the BBC and went viral on Twitter overnight, above.Khan responded: “Home is south London mate.”He continued: “But it’s good to be in Pakistan, it’s good to come from India - home of my parents and grandparents.”Khan was born in Tooting, south west London, to Muslim parents of Indian heritage who settled as children in Pakistan with Khan’s grandparents.Their move came amid Partition violence after the 1947 carving up by the British of Indian territory.Massacres and killings took place as people of Muslim faith fled to Pakistan, while Hindus and Sikhs left for India.His parents later moved to London in 1968, and Khan was born two years later.The London Evening Standard reported that, speaking publicly about his family’s past, Khan said: “It was very difficult....

17 Published By - UK Women on Huffingtonpost UK - 2017.12.07. 12:24
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